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To the Roots 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, India


DATES: Jan 14th - Feb 7th 2022 
LOCATION: India, Rishikesh 


This course is designed for students who are looking to immerse in yoga for personal growth or teach yoga. The desire to teach is not a pre-requisite to take this course, however, to uphold the integrity of this experience we will approach this program with the mindset as though we are training all of you to be the best teachers out there. It is the school’s mission statement to teach you with integrity, tradition and modernity in fusion with your personality and offerings. Of course – to have fun as well! However, expect hard work in between play.

  • The morning asana practice will be 2.5-3 hours in length, we begin with the foundation and build. The style is strong hatha (think slow vinyasa with longer holds, alignment and a sprinkling of flow practices. Julia is a “breath-centric” teacher, meaning class with her will always begin and end with some form of pranayama and meditation. Crystal will be infusing her love for mantra, chanting and storytelling within her classes. 

  • Daily asana clinic of around 100 foundational postures, basic cueing and pedagogy

  • Daily practice teaching of “bare bones” – massaging your “teachers voice” beginning with the basics and then building

  • Learn the Sanskrit names of all postures

  • Traditional practices of mantra, chanting and its history

  • We will also look briefly at an overview of yoga history to give you context where we come from

  • We will read and discuss the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Anatomy of the Spirit (one of the first books in N.A to pioneer discussion of chakra anatomy).

  • We will read the Bhagavad Gita and understand why it is a classic discourse in yoga

  • We will read The Anatomy of the Spirit – and better understand the qualities of the chakras

  • We will review vinyasa karma – the art of basic sequencing for a vinyasa class

  • Study what is pranayama, types of pranayama practices and Kundalini (this relates to the above).

  • Why meditate? Mantras, chanting and more

There will be other pre-requisite readings: TBA

Material for the course: 

  • Please purchase the Complete Anatomy App (3D Anatomy) – This can be made available on both your phone AND laptop through iTunes. It is an incredibly helpful visual tool for understanding the human body.

  • Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, BKS Iyengar

  • Bhagavad Gita, Stephen Mitchell’s interpretation

  • Anatomy of the Spirit, Carolyn Myss


The pricing is $4550 CDN GST included.


VISIT- Thelayeredlife.ca or email willow@thelayeredlife.ca

WHATS INCLUDED: Accommodation at Dewa Retreat for the whole training. Breakfast and dinner. 200hr of learning yoga and manuals for training. Flights and Visas are not included. More info on the booking site.

INFO FOR INTERESTED TEACHERS: The style you will be taught to teach is a strong Hatha/Vinyasa/Power flow practice but as you will learn, yoga is yoga is yoga. The teaching begins once the course is over and it is up to you to persevere and commit years on the mat to be a solid, new teacher. It takes time and patience. All education is good education – and if it is your calling…you will know. If it is not your calling, this course will gift you inner-tools that never expire.

Location: Tapovan, Rishikesh. This is the forest of the yogis and nestled in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The training will be held at Dewa Retreat center, a cozy boutique hotel, close to the River Ganga, Laxhman Juhla and the walking markets.

Teacher Mentorship Program

This course will be unique in what is needed to support you in your development in becoming a strong and knowledgeable yoga teacher. Sequencing, theming, Mantra, Mythology & hands on assists are all things we can cover together over a 6 session program. 


This course can be as productive as you would like it, as much as you put into it is how much more I can offer you. This will be an ongoing relationship with continuous support as you need it with questions come up on your teaching career.  

*If you are looking for Spiritual guidance and would like to work through the lens of Yoga, I can mentor you this way as well. The layout will be unique and designed specifically for you. 

Cost is $395

Payable by PayPal, e-transfer, cheque or cash 

*This can be broken down to 3 sessions, and half the cost, depending on how much is actually needed, often you are more powerful than you think you are.

Evolve 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Vinyasa & Yin

This is our Vision.

Deeply root into the tradition of yoga, learning more about the ancient wisdom for your souls evolution.

This will be the most comprehensive advanced training we have offered yet joining together with a faculty of inspiring yoga teacher trainers. The advance training will deepen your asana, pranayama, kriyas, mantra, mythology, meditation practice, and innate knowledge of functional anatomy.

Our vision is to create safe space for you to to open up in order to connect with your true self, so you can find your own unique voice with confidence! You will be supported with every word to not only speak up but roar! Encouraging you to build the courage necessary to be an inspiring yoga teacher passionately sharing from your heart!

We aim to inspire you to let go of limited beliefs. We believe those beliefs can only dim your full potential, and we want to help you help yourself re-pattern positive thinking. You will build confidence to step into your power, within your highest potential, you will inspire others to shine just as bright. By lifting others, we will rise together.

Discover how to mindfully weave a meaningful intentional theme throughout your class creating an enriching experience for your students to develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Learn how to create a seamless intelligent asana sequence with purpose so your students keep returning back to your class because they continue to feel better and better.

Come connect to the true essence of yoga, sharing your passion & heart with others in beautiful Bali!

April 2021

Mythic Mantra Immersion

Mythic Mantra is a program I designed for the dedicated student who wanted to learn the deeper teachings that are so richly infused in our daily yoga classes. To bring forth this ancient practice into a daily home practice.

This course was designed for the teacher who wants to bring the story of the Mythology of yoga with the songs of old to their practice and classes, to build confidence in their voice and share with others the traditions beyond the physical.

In this course you will be presented with a Mythic Mantra manual of all the mantras covered, description of the mantra in English and Sanskrit, images of the Gods and Goddesses discussed throughout the course with oral story telling. Mudras to work with the Mantras, a Rudraksha Mala from India to take home. You will also have access to the recordings of all the mantras. 

*There is physical asana practice, chanting with a harmonium and time for discussion, Q&A as well as lots of time to get over any fears of leading a group through song. 

This program is registered with Yoga Alliance as a YACEP you can use the hours towards your 200hr & 300hr Certifications 

Nov 28-29th 2020 Edinburgh, Scottland 

The Chakra System

The Sanskrit word Chakra translates to wheel or disk, which refers to energy centres in the human body. 

Learn how the 7 Chakras work and feel in your body. Explore the health benefits of Chakras through physical Asana (postures) Pranayama (breathing techniques) & Mantra (vibrational sound.) Expect yoga and movement.

The first session will begin with a study of how the whole subtle body system works together, explaining the Nadis (rivers of energy,) the Granthis (energetic knots,) the Chakras (wheels of energy,) Kundalini (coiled energy)and how they are connected to the Gods & Goddesses of Yoga and our body. This will be finished off with a unique practice of pranayama, mantra, asana and meditation to help stimulate and balance the energy within the body, while infusing affirmations to create harmony.

The second session is a brief review of the Chakras, more focus on learning when the Chakras are unbalanced and balanced and how to regulate them. This session will be heavily focused on being in the experience of balancing of the Chakras by visualization, Mantra, Pranayama, asana and guided meditation practices

Please bring note book. All levels welcome


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